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Crop Circle 'Answers'
'Who' or 'What' has been creating the Worldwide
Crop Circle Phenomenon and Why?

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Crop Circles and Sound: A Twelve Year Investigation

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Crop Circle Creation
An Eye Witness View From The Fields

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The Message of Crop Circles
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Crop Circle Reality 1998
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The Best of the 1998 Crop Circles

Kris presented the "Best of the 1998 Crop Circles", in addition to some comparative images
of notable past formations that illustrate the continuing evolution of symbolism and geometry
observed in the ongoing non-manmade phenomenon.

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Exploring A Crop Circle Hologram

Discover the 'holographic' and 'fractal' nature of Crop Circles, from different views,
including a complete analysis of the East Field, Stonehenge, and Windmill Hill formations of 1996.
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Crop Circles: Their Cause, Effects & Meaning

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The Challenge of Crop Circles

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Laguna Canyon Talk Poster

The 1996 Laguna Canyon Crop Circle Formation

An in-depth report and analysis of the first scientifically authenticated non-manmade Crop Circle
formation to appear in the Northern Hemisphere in 1996.

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UFOs & ET Contact

An overview of the worldwide 'Extraterrestrial presence' seen through my own 'contact'
experience. Detailing 'Close Encounters of the First to the Fifth Kind'.

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UFOs & Alien Origins

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