Crop Circle Answers

‘Who’ or ‘What’ Has Been Creating the Worldwide
Crop Circle Phenomenon, and Why?

By Ed & Kris Sherwood

‘Who’ or ‘What’ is creating the worldwide ‘Crop Circle’ phenomenon, and ‘Why’?
Is there a connection between the often reported and photographed ‘Balls of Light’
and Crop Circle creation? These are just a few of the questions explored
in this in-depth slide presentation, featuring some of the latest photographic evidence
of a luminous phenomenon seen to precede and follow
Crop Circle Creation.

This presentation was given at the following venues:

13th International UFO Congress Convention
Laughlin, Nevada,USA
March 9th 2004
With Ed & Kris Sherwood

Video copies of this presentation (Vol.#), can be ordered
from the International UFO Congress, 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy #K2-504, Westminster,
CO 80021 USA

*      *      *

Glastonbury Symposium

The Town Hall, Magdelen St., Glastonbury, England

July 25th 2003

With Ed & Kris Sherwood

*      *      *

The British School

Stroud, Gloscestershire, England

July 13th 2003

With Ed Sherwood

*      *      *

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